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Sustainability & construction

Sustainability from construction’s point of viewMy name is James Cockburn and I am a student at Fife College, Scotland studying my diploma in Architectural Technology. I have been involved as a one-off student in the project to provide a new insight into sustainability from construction’s point of view and how this can be implemented in a building’s design for both its interior and exterior functions. In the future I look to further my education studying sustainable Architectural design degree to gain extra knowledge on sustainability to add to what I have learned in Malaga and Malta. During both visits we as a group were made aware of the problems at the moment regarding sustainability in the various industries and were shown new and innovative methods of keeping salons and general buildings ‘green’. As I see it, at the moment the environmental concerns are increasing and in the near future there will be no choice but to install green alternatives into your building such as: photovoltaic panels (solar panels for electricity); solar thermal tubing (for heating water); light tubing to maximise natural light therefore reducing bills and even recycling of general waste. Because of this I Believe there is a developing job market in the future as, if people are requiring these designs then there are going to be professionals needed to design, install and possibly maintain the systems.This is why I personally believe that sustainability has such a big role in industry, be it Architecture, Hair & Beauty design or Graphic Media and how important it is to be made aware of the problems within so that we can adapt and ultimately deal with the change. This project has been massively rewarding for me because the information gathered can now be implemented to my future studies. To work with such open-minded and friendly colleagues from the various countries through this unique experience is an honour to say the least! As well as coping to adapt to new methods of learning to compensate for the cultural differences and communicating effectively was rewarding also. I hope that the various partners continue their cooperation to enhance the awareness of sustainability for the upcoming students to learn and hence adapt in the future. James Cockburn – Architectural Technology Student

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